The Multivira Money Back Guarantee applies to Instant Mail, Instant Website, Linux and Microsoft Shared Hosting and VPS (Virtual Private Servers).

The Multivira Money Back Guarantee does not apply to dedicated and managed Multivira Server products.

The Multivira Money Back Guarantee starts on the date the initial order was placed.

Domain Names

No refund for domain name registration fees.

Shipping & Handling Fees

No refund for software shipping and handling fees.


No refund for any unused bandwidth.

When taking advantage of the 30-day Money Back Guarantee, a customer whose account exceeds the included bandwidth will be required to pay any additional bandwidth accrued.


No refund on any additional or optional services or features added from the Control Panel by the customer.

Customers switching from one Multivira package to another Multivira package shall be deemed to have exhausted the 30-day period, and are no longer eligible for the Money Back Guarantee.

Each customer can only use the Money Back Guarantee once, and for only one account.

The 30-day money back guarantee does not apply to software.

Any customer who has breached or whose account has been suspended or terminated due to the breach of any part of the Multivira General Terms of Services including but not limited to Payment of Fees and Acceptable Use policy has automatically forfeited the right to use the Multivira Money Back Guarantee.

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