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WebApp1 Year Free Upgrade
Product Limitation100
Product OrientedYes
Number of Levels3
Definition Field DynamicYes
Definition searchable Field Dynamicx
Definition Product FeatureYes
Users Managementx
News Managementx
Links and Downloads ManagementYes
Internal MailingYes
Ads/Banner ManagementYes
RSS/Atom Feed and Sitemap auto generatorYes
Feedback and Ranking for each ItemYes
Pages ManagementYes
Files ManagementYes
Visitors ReportingYes
Record logsx
Search Engine and social media FriendlyYes
Define dynamic methods shippingx
Payment Gatewayx
Invoice Managementx
Inventory Managementx
Discount Couponx
SMS Web Servicex
Telegram Botx
Vira Web Push Notificationx
Bulk Email Sendingx
Mobile Appx
Setup Fee: 300.00 USD
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WebApp1 Year Free Upgrade
Create your eShop dynamically
.NET Framework
SQL Server
And more...

Setup Fee: 300.00 USD
Boomlog1 Year Free Upgrade
Custom Themex
Contact Form / show on mapYes
User Managementx
Multimedia PostYes
Advanced Commentx
Ads/Banner ManagementYes
File/Disk Managementx
Like/Dislike on Post/Commentx
Event Post x
Extend Media (Multiple Image for post)x
Sign up with referralx
Restriction by IP locationx
RSS/Atom Feed auto generatorYes
Auto Sitemap generatorYes
Search Engine and social media Friendly Yes
Integrated with Google Analytics & …Yes
Client side last item viewedYes
Expansion I/O – Web Service/Web Servicex
Map (Google / OpenStreetMap)x
Telegram Botx
Document Managementx
Advanced Media Managementx
Photo/Video Festivalsx
Bulk Email Publisherx
End-User post abilityx
Mobile Appx
Vira Push Notificationx
SMS Integrationx
Paid Post/Contentx
Advanced Link Sharingx
Inbox – Internal messagingx
Social Networkx
Social Activityx
User Profile Pagex
Setup Fee: 300.00 USD
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Boomlog1 Year Free Upgrade
Create your blog dynamically
.NET Framework
SQL Server
And more...

Setup Fee: 300.00 USD
Customizable DesignsYes
SEO FriendlyYes
Responsive Mobile SitesYes
High PerformanceYes
Manage on the GoYes
High SecurityYes
Powerful Media ManagementYes
Easy and AccessibleYes
Setup Fee: 100.00 USD
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Create your site dynamically
And more...

Setup Fee: 100.00 USD
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